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The Narrator/Writer.  
Hello! Hallo! Mabuhay! Konnichiwa! G'day! Bonjour! Annyeong! Zdravstvuyte! Chaírete! Nihao~

Welcome to Wonderland aka Ryugenzawa! Where everything is possible and strange things are normal. Let's goooo!

Before anything else, the narrator/writer wants to clarify some main points so that your stay won't be an ugly one:
  1. This is a PERSONAL blog. That means, I post here whatever I wanted to write. Reviews, rants, stuffs like that.
  2. The content of this journal is 99% fangirling. Aside from Twitter and Tumblr, this is the only place I can shout out my love for certain idols and stuffs. The other 1% focuses on my ramblings and other interests. So, please bear with me.
  3. You won't see any downloadables in here. Like most folks, I only rely on others. So, gomene if I couldn't share my collection.
  4. Since I have no talent motivation in subbing, I try to share updates to the fandom by posting the latest happenings to our idols. It's the very least I could do aside from supporting them! (I write fanfics but I don't have the guts to show my craptastic pieces to hurt your eyes. So, good for you! xDD)
  5. Have fun in exploring my crazy mind!

After those reminders, let the narrator leave you some bits about itself...

Mei (Real name starts with 5.)
Hometown: Somewhere in Bermuda Triangle ten blocks away from Neptune.
Birthdate: Excatly the same with my beloved Adam Randal Young. Only difference is that, I'm hundred years older or younger than him~
Languages: Tagalog, American English and British English. Loves dropping Nihongo and Spanish at random times. Very fluent in speaking like a drowning sea horse.
Species: Alienus Potatoish
Description: Fun size. Filipina. Looks like one of the zombies from the movie, Warm Bodies.

Want moar?

- I'm totally a Night Owl and rarely an Early Bird. (I'm not really good at waking up early.)
- A nerd and otaku of various interests. Self-proclaimed gamer and a professional daydreamer.
- I'm definitely an introvert. In short, I'm a socially-awkward and shy person. But I appreciate the beauty of nature and don't mind making friends ^_^.
- I'm totally an unreliable narrator. Don't ask why. Just observe xDD
- In terms of personality, mine is mix of: crazy, lazy, slightly forgetful, unpredictable, moody and sarcastic. Sometimes, frank but I don't mean to offend others.
- I'm open-minded but sometimes leans to be a narrow-minded person. It depends on what time and to whom I'm talking to. LEWL!
- Perversion level is same with Masaki Aiba.
- Thinks like a romance novel 75% at a time.
- I'm pretty sentimental when it comes to objects and people.
- I suffer from anemia.
- I love letting my mind fly in different dimensions.
- Inside the -phile community, I fall under the categories of being a/an: Selenophile, pluviophile, nyctophile, bibliophile, astrophile, autophile and aquaphile.
- While in the -phobia world: Dromophobia, acrophobia and panphobia.
- Foods that I enjoy include chocolates, fries, burgers, sweets/desserts, pizza, chips and ramen. Cuisines that I'm into are Filipino, Japanese, American and English.
- Guilty pleasures are mac n' cheese, sugared flakes (Corn flakes dusted with sugar. Not the frosted kind, by the way.), oreos, Earl Grey tea and iced coffee.
- Hobbies include reading, writing, singing, watching, fangirling and listening to music. My heart loves eating but my stomach is the one who sets the limit.
- Talents are: Staring at the ceiling/wall, procrastinating, doodling and sleeping.
- Not the sporty type (Exercising hates me T_T). A major couch potato.

- I'm a huge Johnny Depp fan. (But I have yet to watch his PotC movies xDD)
- All genres of music. Definitely into ballads, RnB and blues. My favorite singer of all time is Kazunari Ninomiya.
- My own, the Australian, Western and Russian cultures.
- Everything about Japan and its culture. Includes mangas, animes, light novels, music industry, foods...
- The endless list of colors.
- Like Ryosuke Yamada, I'm afraid of ghosts, but I love reading about them.
- Video games. Particularly the old ones like Super Mario and Street Fighter.
- Books. I'm mostly into mystery, thriller, slice of life, romance and comedy. I frequently read Nancy Drew, Agatha Christie, Edgar Allan Poe... Wishing to read more Keigo Higashino works!
- Movies, cartoons, dramas and variety shows that sparks my curiousity. - I'm a big fan of mythology and awfully curious about tarot reading and astrology.

Fandoms that I'm into:

- Arashian/Arashic/Arashist: Obviously, it's Arashi. Matsumiya ichibanner, but I sooper love the Yamasaki trio too ^_^. I just love them in and outside the group :DD. And they own mostly everything I have xDD.
- Tobikko: Hey! Say! JUMP follows as my second sanctuary in the JPop industry. YamaHika ichibanner. Appreciate Keito-san's awesome guitar skills. And loves Daiki, Chinen, Yuto, Yabu, Takaki and Kei all the way~
- Follows Sexy Zone and Kis-My-Ft2 every now and then. My ichibans for the former are Kento Nakajima and Marius Yo. For the latter, I flail over Yuta Tamamori and Taisuke Fujigaya!
- Other JEs that I listen to are the works of V6 and Tokio (Main love is Tomoya Nagase~).
- I just love anime music so much! I'm into ClariS, Kana Hanazawa, DoCo, Mitsuko Horei etc...
- Loves Teppei Koike and his songs~
- A fan of Kana Nishino and her wonderful music~
- Listens to Koda Kumi, SEKAI NO OWARI, SCANDAL, AKB48, Ai Otsuka, MONGOL800, Mika Nakashima...
- Fave actors include Jun Matsumoto, Kazunari Ninomiya, Satoshi Ohno, Sho Sakurai, Masaki Aiba, Ryosuke Yamada, Toma Ikuta, Masaki Suda, Ryunosuke Kamiki, Teppei Koike, Akira Terao, Hikaru Yaotome, Shun Oguri, Eita...
- Fave actresses are Mao Inoue, Karina Nose, Yukie Nakama, Yuko Takeuchi, Sasaki Nozomi, Nanako Matsushima, Haru Kuroki, Ryoko Kobayashi, Masami Nagasawa, Mirei Kiritani...
- Fave JDramas are Hana Yori Dango (Obviously!), Ryuusei no Kizuna, Natsu no Koi wa Nijiro ni Kagayaku, Kimi wa Petto, Bartender, Ikemen Desu ne, Minami-kun no Koibito, Kazoku Game, Proposal Kyoudai, Maou, Orient Kyuuko Satsujin Jiken, Nazotoki wa Dinner no Ato de, Moribito, My Girl, Amachan, Cain and Abel..
- Fave JMovies are Platina Data, Hidamari no Kanojo, NazoDi the Movie, Hana Yori Dango: Final, As The Gods' Will, Ooku, Kaibutsu-kun: The Movie, Ao no Honoo...

South Korean:
- I'm only into girl groups in the KPopdom.
- BLINK since Blackpink's debut. Biases are Lisa and Jenny.
- Sone since 2016, peak of Girls' Generation's Lion Heart. Bias is Kwon Yuri.
- ReVeluv since 2016, peak of Red Velvet's One of These Nights. Bias is Yeri.
- Listens to Taeyeon, Rain, Baekhyun, Yoona, Suzy and various KDrama OST singers.
- In love with Kim Soo Hyun's acting~
- Fave actors are Song Joong Ki, Lee Joon-gi, Lee Seung Gi, Gong Yoo and Park Bogum
- Fave actresses are Park Shin Hye, Shin Min Ah and Gong Hyo-jin.
- Fave KDramas are Full House, The Moon that Embraces the Sun, Secret Garden and Moonlight Drawn by Clouds.

- Sooper loves the music of Carpenters, Aerosmith, Owl City, Guns n' Roses, Fra Lippo Lippi, Tears for Fears, Westlife, M2M, The Corrs, A1, The Beatles and Backstreet Boys.
- Fan of Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Avril Lavigne and Lady Gaga.
- Favors the music of Kenny Rogers, Michael Jackson, Ben E. King, Celine Dion, Christopher Cross, Cindy Lauper, Tiffany and Richard Marx.
- Fave actors include JOHNNY DEPP, Tom Hanks, Hugh Jackman, Rowan Atkinson, John Cusack and Nicholas Hoult.
- Fave actresses are Helena Bonham-carter, Kate Winslet and Jodie Foster.
- Thinks that me and Owl City's sole member, Adam Young, are made for each other. (We just have so much in common! Aside from the birthday, of course~)
- Pewdiepie fan. I'm a BRO
- I love reading comics like Peanuts (Fave character is Linus van Pelt), DC Heroes (Batman and Wonder Woman!) and Marvel (Wolverine, Gambit, Storm, Rouge...)

- I appreciate CPop. I grew up loving F4 (I love the four of them! Mainly,Vic Zhou <3) and now, I'm listening to Faye Wong and Jackie Chan.
- OPM listener too! Loves Nina, Six Part Invention, Eraserheads, Parokya ni Edgar and Toni Gonzaga.
- My fave Chinese actor would be Chow Yun Fat!

- I watch/read different genres of animes and mangas. (Romcom, slice of life, ecchi, adult-oriented, yaoi, yuri...)
- I'm a diehard fan of Ranma 1/2. Everything here is just pure awesome and perfection. I have various ships but I mainly support Ranma/Akane! Fave characters are Ryouga Hibiki, Shinnosuke and Kodachi Kuno. (The place Ryugenzawa came from their world!)
- Cardcaptor Sakura fanatic. The characters, the story, the cards, the costumes, the chemistry... JUST PERFECT!
- Assassination Classroom. All series (manga, anime and live-action movies) are just absolutely treasures!
- Sailor Moon (1992-1997 series). Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus are my fave characters!
- Nisekoi. I love Chitoge Kirisaki and Marika Tachibana but my fave characters are Ruri Miyamoto and Shuu Maiko.
- Also loves Alice Academy, Code Geass, Shimoneta, Shagukan no Shana, Fushigi Yuugi, Nana to Kaoru, Velvet Kiss, Aisuru Hito, Umi no Misaki, Himouto! Umaru-chan, Voltes V, Daimos, Mazinger Z, Gundam...
- Fave Studio Ghilbi films are Spirited Away and My Neighbor Totoro.

- Me and my brother both love watching Spongebob Squarepants. My favorite characters are Patrick Star (like Adam Young... XDD) and Mr. Krabs. Has a crush on Squidward Tentacles!
- Codename: Kids Next Door is my personal favorite. I love the whole Sector V but I'm mostly into Numbuh 4/Wallabee 'Wally' Beatles and Numbuh 3/Kuki Sanban (I TOTALLY SHIP THEM!) Has a crush on Numbuh 2/Hogarth 'Hoagie' P. Gilligan.
- Hey! Arnold fan. The story is just so amazayn! Fave character is Helga G. Pataki.
- Teen Titans fanatic. BBxRae shipper!
- My Little Pony fan. BRONY! I love all generations but I'm mostly into G3.5 and G4. Favorites are Rarity, Pinkie Pie and Strawberry Reef.
- Disney and Pixar fan! Also loves Dreamworks, Universal, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon...
- Extreme lover of The Land Before Time, Tom and Jerry, Looney Tunes and Mr. Bean series!

So yeah... That's all I wanted to write. Pretty long, ne? xDD. I'm ever so sorry if I wasted your time in this sooper dooper long introduction... My main reason for doing this is that, you won't be surprised anymore if I act this of that way... And I really want to be open about my interests. In reality, I have a hard time opening to others... This is the only place where I could loosen myself abit...

But those infos are just 20% of my whole being... Still hiding my 100%... For a total of 120% xDD

Hope to be comfortable and be friends with you! Enjoy your stay!

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Hi! Thanks for adding me. Nice to meet you :)
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Ello! Nice to meet you too :D
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Where are u from?
Mei-chan: Riida[personal profile] rainbowpalette_05 on October 10th, 2015 05:25 pm (UTC)
Philippines :DD. And you?
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I'm from Malaysia :D
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Hey, thanks for adding me, kababayan. Hajimemashite (☆▽☆)
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Hello! Nice to meet a fellow Filipino who's into Arashi ^_^. Yoroshiku!
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I just stumbled over a link leading to your journal (and your song review :D)
And we share an ichiban (though I love your second ichiban too :D) And I can't believe I met someone who loves Keito!!!!!! Finally!
I hope it's not weird to drop you a comment, but I just... did :D
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Arigatou for dropping by on my little hideout, fellow Jun wifey!
I really appreciate comments, so problem with that ^_^!
YESH! I really love Keito! He's awesome but it's sad that only few people appreciate him..Glad to meet another Keito fan!
lilly0: Keito tired[personal profile] lilly0 on October 28th, 2016 06:36 pm (UTC)
Your sidebar is great by the way. All the pics <3
Keito is so underrated! He is awesome, love him <3 (the duet he had with Yamada for the last concert!! ♥)
Mei-chan: AMNOS[personal profile] rainbowpalette_05 on October 31st, 2016 05:29 pm (UTC)
True.. Keito is underrated but I really love his voice and talent in guitar! He is so awesome!
sutekinaj[personal profile] sutekinaj on May 24th, 2017 10:06 am (UTC)
Hi. Joy from Philippines.I Love Japanese. I Hope we can be good friends too. Yoroshiku
tita joy
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Hello po! Hope to have lots of fun with you too, po ^_^
sutekinaj: Arashi[personal profile] sutekinaj on May 24th, 2017 09:30 pm (UTC)
Ohayou. I`m pretty sure.yoroshiku ne.