01 May 2017 @ 01:03 am
51st Single: I'll be there  
Konnichiwa minna!

Been busy doing nothing but flail over Ranma 1/2 and its fanfics... And playing Tunesholic and Zombie Tsunami. Tunesholic is just a dream come true... Hitting the notes while my favorite songs are on the play... Demn it!

Anyhoo, last April 19th, our beloved rainbow-colored ikemen of storm, Arashi, released their first single this year. And yup. I'll be there to spread its goodness! (I'm not good at puns lately. Demn it. x'DD)

This single just reminds me of their 36th single, Meikyuu Love Song!

I wish I was the frame. Or their pants instead. T_T

The RE tracks:

1.) I'll be there
            The title track. This baby is used as the theme song for Masaki Aiba's mystery dorama, Kizoku Tantei. Anyhoo, when I first heard this from their FNS performance, I was like: Oh great. They didn't informed me that my kokoro will explode from this one. So yeah, I've fallen deeply inlove with this song! I haven't watched the accompanying dorama, but I have a feeling that the lyrics fits the storyline. The lines I’ll be with you, you, you, you, with you, you, I’ll be there for you, you, you, you, for you are just too addicting! Plus the melody is just catchy!

2.) unknown
            The song that Aiba likes ^_^. When I first heard this track, I was like: Did I recopied Morning Light (a song from their album, Beautiful World)? Yup. That was my first impression. And I was badly mistaken! This song is totally a different one! I was first hooked by Nino's opening lines (Demn. This guy knows how to make sultry voices xDD.), followed by MatsuJun's line, tsutawatteru kara. Anyhoo, the melody is quite seductive and so's their voices and the lyrics are somehow, fits the title if you ask me xDD. And I just love how the Sakurap made this song enjoyable! Two thumbs up!

3.) Treasure of life
            Can I just kiss MatsuJun for making this his fave song from this single?! BECAUSE I ALSO LOVE THIS TREASURE! To the moon and back! Anyhoo, when I first listened to this (It was 3 am at that time, so I needed to surpress a moan my scream), I've totally got lured by MatsuJun's starting lines! His voice sounded too adorable for my kokoro! The melody is just too addicting! The lyrics are so catchy and hey! To stay gold! Demn it! And I also love the falsetto part near the end! Was it Ohno or Nino O.O? Somehow, it reminds me of their songs Mezashita Mirai e and Tobira..


The LE Tracks:

2.) Round and Round
            From the round table talk, Nino said that this was his favorite. Upon first hearing this, it kinda reminds me on some of their songs: STORY, Life, Monochrome and Magic Hour. I'm really questioning my ears until now xDD. Anyhoo, the lyrics are catchy, especially the lines Upside Down yeah yeah yeah Inside Out konna hibi wo Livin ' Out. The melody is somehow addicting and as they say, it's youthful. I love how upbeat the chorus is! I think this is good for an exercise song xDD.


There we go! I got to say, this single is quite awesome! Definitely one of my faves! The songs are just wonderful! Even though it's very obvious that my favorite track is Treasure of life... I'm starting to think that me and MatsuJun are just somehow connected, with our fave songs... *insert hopeful looks of a fanpotato here*

And the PV is just hilarious! Seems like they are enjoying taking pictures lately xDD. Hahaha!

Jaa! Enjoy!
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