17 June 2017 @ 07:10 pm
If I Have Lots of Money Right Now... I'll Definitely Give You ¥‎34  

Looking at the calendar and I thought: Wow. Time sure flies fast! It was just summer yesterday, and now it's the start of a new semester for me. Well, it's the start of summer/winter for others! Depends on wherever part of the earth are you in.

Let see...

Ah! It's time for a shower of coins, stars and paper bills! (Just kidding! Not coins! That will hurt! A lot!)

Angsty even from year 2000.. Age 17.

That emo face that we just love...

Admit it. We had done this phase a lot of times already. Leaning in the wall, thinking about the nostalgic times... (Love the sublte Aimiya atmosphere (▰˘◡˘▰))

Can't believe this face was the star on that adult-oriented dorama. from 2003

The youngest pair... 

Seriously! I just wanted to cuddle this pair!

Tell me this PV is not funny and I will kick you in the shin. (This is not about Ohno, but we got some Ohmiya here. Promise!)

Why I love this PV? So many Matsumiya moments. SO PRECIOUS!

Birthday Boy along with Miracle Boy and Keio Boy giving you flowers ✿♥‿♥✿. (Ignore that cute Juntoshi at the back please.)

PIKA★★NCHI DOUBLE era... Birthday Boy is still handsome as ever!

NinoAi persuading you to adopt them as your newest pimps. 

Won't you adopt this adorable puppy and give him lots of love and care? (I want to transform this one into a meme!)

Birthday Boy being cute with his hair being blown by the wind...

Three Ninomiyas in one scene?! @!~#$%^*

Dress up Susumu Minami in sexy clothes and we get this guy.

Our famous couple just being hot as heck. Under the fake night sky. (This PV is worth loving for lots of Ohmiya goodness!)

Birthday Boy will sing us a song for his special day. (I totally fell for this PV after seeing this scene (♥ω♥*))

Birthday Boy just love showing his affection for his Riida... (Me, the Sakuraiba pair and MatsuJun support you two all the way!)

But Riida is just too shy... Maybe next time, Birthday Boy! (JUST. KISS. ALREADY. DEMN. IT.)

And since Riida is too shy to show his love for the man of the day, Miracle Boy will show his affection instead... By chomping away Birthday Boy's head. *throws green and yellow confetti*>

Okay! Now, let's just enjoy this moment and listen to Birthday Boy as he serenade us with his musical talent. In a hot, white clothing. 

We just love it when he shows us his amazing guitar skills, ne? (๑♡3♡๑)

Even by not playing any instruments, Birthday Boy surely knows how to make us feel heaven by just listening to his voice. (I'm feelin' that subtle Sakumiya love ✿♥‿♥✿) 

Don't you just wish you were that computer-generated hat so you can get close to this man?! (Can someone please make a GIF of these goodies?!)

I'm speechless. This scene is totally a gift from the heavens.

This guy is definitely a treasure worth admiring for. (I thank the heavens for bestowing the world with this brat.) 

He really knows how to maintain a good relationship with walls.

Birthday Boy just blends beautifully with his Junpon~ (Moar Matsumiya love in this one. And that's one of the reasons why I love this PV)

Nino is just too awesome for this PV. (And for this picspam. He deserves better x'DD!)

He really feels the cold and bitterweet emotion that envelopes the song...

Can somebody keep this guy warm and cozy?

Enough with the Matsumiya, Aimiya/NinoAi and Ohmiya! 

It's time for Keio Boy and Birthday Boy to show us some sweet synchronization!

See? Both feel the same feelings! (Hatenai Sora PV is just overflowing with Sakumiya treasures σ(≧ε≦o)!)

After the synchronized swimming with Keio Boy... Birthday Boy sure is now tired... (Melancholic era is back, dudes!)

Oh wait! Birthday Boy is still okay and ready to celebrate! (Get ready for the finally act!)

He sure is charming, ne? (I'm totally enjoying this picspam. I swear.)

Before everything else and such, Birthday Boy wants to request us something.

He wants us to join his legion. (No really. Who doesn't want to be near this guy?)

Come on! It's free! You'll get lots of benefits like empty wallets, everlasting facepalms from his rants and broken ovaries.

Birthday Boy doesn't like waiting. So join now. You won't regret it.

You're in? Good! Now, look at his eyes and get ready to be hypnotized...

Birthday Boy is starting to give his world domination speech.

So, let us listen and get ready to be swooned by his looks, charisma and soul.

Birthday Boy along with his beloved minions will now dominate your kokoro, soul, wallet, mind and ovaries.

After a lot of speeches and recruitment sessions, Birthday Boy now just wanted to sit and rest... (Woah! That was a fun picspam party!)

Okay. Time for the message!

Hmm... What is there to say? Actually, I got nothing to say anymore. Just kidding! I have a lot in mind when it comes to you (and to Arashi in general! LOL!).
 *inhales, exhales, starts typing*


Dearest Kazunari Ninomiya-san,
                I know that you won't understand this. I'm aware that you will never get to see the existence of this letter. But still, I wanted to say such things.

               Among all the things that I wanted to say to you, a big 'thank you' is what I wanted to shout. For what for? Well, for everything! Hahaha! No, seriously. I really wanted to show to you my gratitude for the things that you had done to me. Even though you don't know that I exist in this planet...(Notice me senpai!)
               I want to thank you for showing me what it means to be myself.  You don't mind what others say to you that much. Rather, you keep showing who you really are.  With you and the rest of Arashi as one of my role models in my life, I was able to get out of my shell and show the world who really I am. Well, slowly but surely! My confidence is building up xDD.
               Thank you for creating such wonderful songs. Even your covers are amazing! It's really funny how your pieces are the only ones that can give me such strong emotions while listening to them. I never realized that you will end up as my favorite singer in the world. (I'm not exaggerating!). You don't mind being a novelist, do you?  

                Speaking of covers and renditions, I really wanted to give you a big thanks for introducing me to some awesome artists like Jun Shibata, DREAMS COME TRUE and Mika Nakashima. And especially, for giving me the path to a new fandom in the JE, to your kouhai Hey! Say! JUMP. Don't get me wrong. I've known them already before I've even became a Tobikko, but I'm not that interested to them. Only to some members like Ryosuke Yamada and Keito Okamoto... A different story to tell, but because of you, I've came to love them. And even though I already know the original AinoArika, yours is the one that I still prefer. LOL! Another thing! Thanks for making some Christmas melodies that I won't mind listening all year round!
               What else? Ah! I really wanted to thank you for brightening up some of my gloomiest times. Just listening to your radioshow and hearing your little ranting about not having a concert for your birthday and such, surely makes me laugh on how you make a big fuss on such things. And just like reading the translations of your magazine interviews, it's really great how you can give advice and share what you think about on topics such as make-up or gaining weight. By the way, I really love it when you spout random shits about the course of life in general. You really are relatable! And thank you for teaching me to value money! (=^▽^=)

               Thank you for showing that you are really dedicated to your job. That nothing can make you stop from doing what you think you have to do. Seeing how passionate you are in your field, whether in acting or singing or dancing etc., is really admirable. Your professionalism is one of the things that attracts me to you. You sure are inspirational!

               By the way... I love it when you show such dedication but please, don't forget to watch over your health. Don't overwork yourself and learn to rest. Still thinking that you will be a bother to others if you wanted to relax a bit? Stop that. It's not wrong to take a break for once in a while. Everyone needs to unwind for a minute or two! Overusing oneself will just lead to bigger problems, and that will be the real bother. Breathe and have some peace every now and then ^_^. 

               Uhmm, this is getting long... So I'm going to be short here now. Thank you for sharing that witty, serious, funny, charming and sometimes bratty attitude of yours. Thank you for all the quotes and words of wisdom that you have shared. Thank you for the magic that you have shown. Thank you for being the yellow part of Arashi. Thank you for being Kazunari Ninomiya.

                I really wanted to thank your parents for having you xDD. Hahaha!

              Hmm... I don't know you personally, though... But I have a feeling that whatever you are showing to us fans, is the true Kazunari Ninomiya. Maybe a part of your personality... Who knows? xDD

              Anyhoo,I hope you enjoy your day as you turn another year older... Still seventeen to my eyes tho ^_^. Wishing you a greater health and more activities to come for your career. More games for you to play. And more money to come to your wallet xDD! Can't wait to know more about you and see more moments of you, along with Arashi too =^o^=

              ありがとう! お誕生日おめでとう!

Woah! That sure was a long post! My eyes and hands are now sore x'DD! Huhuhu...
To be honest, I really enjoyed making this birthday entry. Browsing my screenshot albums and selecting pictures for this post sure was fun! And I really poured "almost" all of my emotions to this post for Ninochi. (Letting all out will take forever. Really.) I totally love this cute magician! 愛してるよ, bebe boy!

I still can't believe that you and my dad share the same birthday! And one of my uncles shares his birthday with your JE anniversary... Another double celebration! (Except for the years, of course xDD)

Hahaha! I just really wanted to meet the amazing members of Arashi! I wanted to meet Ohno, Sho, Aiba, Nino and MatsuJun!

Jaa! Enjoy! 

Here's a bonus. Demn it. I really love this Breathless PV.
I'm Feelin': giddy
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