25 June 2017 @ 05:06 pm
 Konnichiwa minna!

Been using my long weekend break wisely. Well, I'll be back in hell again starting this Tuesday. Thesis and practice teaching. Goodluck on how I will divide my time in studies and fangirling x'DD

Anyhoo... I just wanted to shout this thing out.


Happy birthday, Taisuke Fujigaya! First time I saw you in Ikemen Desu ne, I've fallen for your kind and sweet gestures! Hope you enjoy your 30th year on earth!

Jaa! Enjoy! I still need to search for more Owl City songs! Adam Young is just my newest bae and I sooper love him and his crafts (。♥‿♥。)!
Moment's Melody: Owl City feat. Mark Hoppus - Dementia
I'm Feelin': groggy
Where?: Daiki's living room~

Credits goes to him.

Otanjoubi omedetou, my beloved Yuta Tamamori! I just love how I fell for you for the first time! I was watching Honto ni Atta Kowai Hanashi that was airing on TV, Teppei-san & Satomi-san and Masaki Suda and Yuko Takeuchi-san's segments were over, and I was about to go to bed when I saw your turn to shine. It was totally love at first sight! That innocent face and manly posture... I just love them all! Aishiteru!

Jaa! Enjoy my lovelies!

Right now, my mind is playing a past dream of mine from a long, long time ago.. Sakumiya's Yamada Taro Monogatari was airing on our TV and as I watch it, I was hugging our TV. Demn. How I wish it was true.. That our local TV will air some JDramas with my fave actors and actresses... *sighs*
Moment's Melody: Red Velvet - First Time
I'm Feelin': artistic
Where?: Domyouji Headquarters