07 September 2017 @ 11:05 pm
 Konnichiwa minna-san!

Just to give a sooper big update for our beloved Arashi:

It was announced this morning that Arashi will be releasing their 16th studio album, and that's not an error. The album's name is really [untitled]. For the first time (I think so, xDD), they will be provide tracks that will be sung by units from the group. I wonder what are the names and who will be the members of the units.. So exciting!!!

The lead track is entitled Mikan (未完), meaning unfinished or incomplete, not the orange one. There will be a PV and its Making, as usual. There will be a 10-minute long song among the tracks. And it will also include the three singles: Power of the Paradise, I'll be there and Tsunagu. And as a common feature, it will be released in two versions: Limited (13 tracks) and Regular (18 tracks) editions.

And the release date is on October 18, 2017


Seriously. I can't wait for this o(≧∇≦o)! It was like, I just thinking about when they are going to announce a new single or album earlier this morning and now this news?! OHMYGANTZ! I'M FLYING ALL OVER THE MOON o(*>ω<*)o! I didn't even cared if I will get late to class (I got late, but then again, my professor is much later~), I just kept on tweeting how awesome the announcement was! Arashi really knows how to make me sooper dooper happy o(^∀^*)o!! 

According also on the news, their concert is entitled "Sweet Paradise"!!! I really wish I could come and see my boys perform live T_T... But that's totally beyond my reach ಥ_ಥ... Why, Johnny-san?!

Jaa! Enjoy! Can't wait for this album, NarratageSaki ni Umareta Dake no Boku and Last Recipe ~Kirin no Shita no Kioku~
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 Konnichiwa minna!

Last week and this too are so full of news and updates! What do we have here?

 Jun Matsumoto's 2016 dorama, 99.9 ~Keiji Senmon Bengoshi~, will have a season two. It will start airing in January 2018. There's a new heroine, Fumino Kimura. (I'M SO EXCITED FOR THIS!!!)
 Arashi's Are You Happy? Tour 2016-2017 DVD had a whooping sales of 650,000+ copies for its first week! (They beat their own ARAFES record xDD)
 Waku Waku Gakkou 2017 with Sexy Zone starts this weekend: June 17 through June 18.
 Arashi's 52nd single, Tsunagu, has revealed its complete tracklist and cover jackets for LE and RE.

RE and LE covers respectively

Here's the tracklist for both editions!

 JE website finally updated its member's profile with Arashi's Tsunagu pictures. (They looked so hot in there. I swear.)

My kokoro and ovaries just exploded. (ΘεΘ)
 Hey! Say! JUMP released the PV preview for their 23rd single, Precious Girl/Are You There?
 Hey! Say! JUMP's first best album will be released in three types: LE A, LE B and RE. Tracklist will include selected songs and unreleased tracks.
 Yuri Chinen, Kento Nakajima of Sexy Zone and Yuna Taina will star together in the movie Miseinen Dakedo Kodomo Janai. It will be released on December 23, 2017. (It's a love triangle! Weee! Romance, Chinen and Kento!)

What else did I missed?


Sooper less than a week to go before my school starts and I'm not happy about it. Well, except for the part where my allowance is back too... Other than that, who cares about doing thesis and writing essays with no connection to your life or studies(ミ ̄ー ̄ミ)? Not me. 

Just kidding! I'm excited for my final year in college! Going to make this one a memorable one! (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

Anyhoo, this week sure was a hectic one for me. The house is being renovated and such. And my bed broke. Accident happens x'DD

Jaa! Enjoy!

Just eggzoited for your big day, darlin'! (。♥‿♥。)
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03 June 2017 @ 12:35 am
Konnichiwa earthlings!

Wow. Three days had passed already since the release of Arashi's latest concert DVD, Are You Happy? Tour and the JAPONISM Show in Arena Tour... I already got my illegally downloaded copy (Arigatou to the uploaders! I love you!), but I still haven't watched it yet xDD. Going to watch along with JUMP's Dear. Concert it next week once I finished rewatching Kimi wa Petto!

Anyhoo, what are the other things?

 Arashi members Satoshi Ohno, Kazunari Ninomiya and Jun Matsumoto will be hosting Arashi no Wakuwaku Ouendan ~ Kumamoto ga Motto Genki ni Naru Mitsu no Kagai Jugyou on June 25, 2017.
 Hey! Say! JUMP will release a double A-side entry for their 23rd single: Are You There?/Precious Girl. The former will be performed by Daiki Arioka, Yuya Takaki and Hikaru Yaotome as the unit, AYT, for their upcoming series, Koshoku Robot. While the latter will be performed by the whole. There will be additional tracks. It will be released on July 5, 2017.
 Hey! Say! JUMP will be releasing their first best album this year to commemorate their upcoming 10th anniversary. 
 Less than a month to go before Satoshi Ohno and Yuri Chinen's movie, Shinobi no Kuni, hits the big screens!
 Sho Sakurai will be hosting The Music Day once again! 


Yup. I wish I live in Japan for the Waku Waku Gakkou... And can't wait for JUMP's latest single! So happy that they will release a new set of songs on that very date! \^.^/

Yosh! Just too happy to finish V no Arashi, Ikemen Desu ne and Yonimo Kimyona Monogatari episodes featuring Sho, Ohno and MatsuJun! And finally done with the manga, Velvet Kiss! Just don't read it if you're under 18 xDD.

Anyhoo, changed my layout for a while. It's Ninochi's month, so yeah! Will do this for Ohno, Sho, Aiba and MatsuJun's month too!

Jaa! Enjoy!

Two weeks to go and you're 17 once again!
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15 May 2017 @ 11:17 pm
Konnichiwa minna!

It's only May but lookie! We got a new announcement from our Arashi boys!

It was announced this morning that Arashi will release their 52nd single,  [つなぐ] (Pronounced as 'Tsunagu'). The title track will serve as the theme song for Satoshi Ohno's upcoming ninja movie, Shinobi no Kuni. The single will also include the song, Reach for the Sky ~Ten made Todoke~ (The song that was used on the latest JAL CM ^_^) as one of its tracks. The limited edition will come with an additional track that is yet to be announced and its instrumental, and of course the PV + Making for the title track. While the regular will come with eight songs: the title track, three b-sides, and instrumentals for each song. So yeah, we got four new songs on the RE. =^.^=. The single will be released on June 28 ^____^.


Seriously. I'm eggzoited as heck! Like yeah! They have been so quite since the first months of 2017 (Nino also commented on that thing.), and now, Arashi sure know how to take things like a storm! They just released their first single this year, we are still waiting for their Are You Happy? Concert DVD to be released on May 31st and now this?! What else?! (I'm still waiting for the announcements if they will sing the theme songs for Jun, Nino and Sho's acting spree. *crossed fingers*)

Anyhoo, been doing nothing but read manga and watch random anime episodes. Finally finished GANTZ and Yamada Taro Monogatari! Yay for me! And still trying to finish Shimoneta and YURI!! On Ice. Ganbarimasu to me!

And yup. Addicting myself to SCANDAL and SEKAI NO OWARI songs! They are so cool!

Jaa! Enjoy! Going to watch Haha to Kuraseba now!
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04 May 2017 @ 11:50 pm
Konnichiwa minna!

This first week of the month of May is truly a lazy one for me. Anyhoo, been so happy for so many news about my fandoms are coming by!

Arashi will hold Waku Waku Gakkou 2017. According to the news, it will be held for four days and in two domes: Kyocera Dome will have the dates June 17 and 18, while Tokyo Dome will be conducted on July 8 and 9.
Their assistants are the members of Sexy Zone and the theme for this year is all about Health and Physical Education.
 The jacket covers of the [Are You Happy?] concert DVD were finally shown.
It was announced last Tuesday that Kazunari Ninomiya will have a new movie entitled Kensatsugawa no Zainin (Criminal for the Prosecution in English). He will co-star along with Kimura Takuya. His role is Keiichiro Okino and it will be released on 2018.
Yuri Chinen will star on the live-action movie adaptation of the manga, Sakamichi no Apollon (known as Kids on the Slope in English). His role is Kaoru Nishimi. It will be shown on 2018.
The second trailer of Ryosuke Yamada's upcoming movie, Namiya Zakkaten no Kiseki (English title is The Miracles of the Namiya General Store), was already out.


So yeah... I was really thinking last week if Arashi will be conducting a Waku Waku Gakkou this year and bam! This news sure is a hit to me! And so happy that they will be assisted by the wonderful Sexy Zone! With the dates, well, let's get ready for Nino's rants about not having any concerts for his birthday and doing WWG instead. Poor dude •(ㅅ)•.

But I'm happy for him for his new film! He has finally got the chance to act with his beloved KimuTaku! Totally a dream come true for our magician \^o^/ Plus, it's a crime and kind of a mystery movie! Can't wait to see this one! Looks like 2018 will be filled with Sakumiya chemistry ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ. Now, if only TBS will make my 99.9 ~Keiji Senmon Bengoshi~ season two dream come true... That will be nice (ʘ෴̴͜ʘ)~ Edit: There will be a season two next year!!!

Anyhoo, the AYH covers sure reminds me of Time album xDD.

Jaa! Enjoy your lives, minna-san!

In honor of Ryosuke YaMAYda... He is just too kawaii~
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27 April 2017 @ 09:36 pm
 Konnichiwa minna!

Been a while since I've fangirl that much... Has that been two days ago? Anyhoo, I'm back to normal! I was too hooked on reading Ranma 1/2 once again, and this time, I started reading some of its fanfics ^_^. I just love it!

Pots and kettles, I've missed fangirling!

So, yeah, during my absence from the fandoms, there were lots of news. I was bombarded once I've entered back to my oh-so wonderful sanctuary.

vlcsnap-2017-03-12-13h36m05s629.png Sho Sakurai will have a new dorama: Saki ni Umareta Dake no Boku. It will air on October 2017. His costars are Mikako Tabe (is this the continuation of Yamada Taro Monogatari co-stars?!) and Yu Aoi (Honey and Clover feels!)
vlcsnap-2017-03-12-13h36m05s629.png That means we will have a wonderful October full of Sakumoto! (Since Jun Matsumoto's movie, Narratage is scheduled on October 07, 2017.)
vlcsnap-2017-03-12-13h36m05s629.png Narratage finally posted its first trailer. (Includes a hot, shower scene =^.^=)
vlcsnap-2017-03-12-13h36m05s629.png Hey! Say! JUMP finally released their DEAR. concert DVD yesterday, April 26, 2017. (Going to watch it later!)


And yeah. More dating rumors for our Sakumotoshi trio -_-. And with those bullshit tales (there are still no confirmations from the affected parties, so yeah.), they were listed on the Hated Johnny's 2017 list (Aimiya are on the list too, but their ranks are not that high.). Seriously, when will the rumors and hate die? This is one thing that I hate dislike from the fandom/s. Can't we just leave our idols' personal lives and enjoy what they are providing us? I don't mind them having girlfriends/boyfriends at all :)!

I wonder what's with the hate vote, by the way. Is it really neccessary to have a hating list?

Jaa! Let us fangirl/fanboy happily!
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Konnichiwa minna!

These past few days, I've been on a low blood status. I'm pretty depressed over someone from one of my beloved fandoms. I won't name who or what fandom I am referring to, but yeah. I guess I'm just overreacting on that matter. But hey! Sometimes, we just need to relax and step outside. Breathe and stay positive!

I can't dictate how my kokoro will act. I can't just say "Kokoro! Stop having affections!"

Anyhoo, after mooping moping around, I finally decided to open my laptop. And yup! I've been screaming here! I guess this week is just pure Arashi bombs, but I AIN'T COMPLAINING!:

April 15th: Announcement of the 2017 24 Hour Television hosts: Sho Sakurai of Arashi, Kazuya Kamenashi of KAT-TUN and Keiichiro Koyama of NEWS. 
May 31st: The release of Arashi's ARE YOU HAPPY? DVD. There are two versions (as usual): LE and RE ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ.
The LE will have four discs: Discs 1 & 2 will feature the footage of the ARE YOU HAPPY? Tour while Discs 3 & 4 will be showing the JAPONISM ARENA Tour. So basically, the LE will be a two-concert DVD!!! ◦°˚\(*❛‿❛)/˚°◦
The RE will have tree three discs: The first two discs has the same content with the LE Discs 1 & 2. Disc 3 will show the Documentary Film ~Are You Happy~. Read here for more details ^_^
April 17th: ARASHI website updated its profile. Kizoku Tantei airs its first episode.
April 19th: Release of Arashi's 51st single, I'll be there. (ʘ෴̴͜ʘ)
April 28th: Arashi will perform their new song, I'll be there, on Music Station.

Wow. That's a lot of Arashi stuffs!!!


The announcement of the ARE YOU HAPPY? and JAPONISM ARENA Tour DVD! YAY! AFTER WAITING FOR A VERY LONG TIME! Now, we Arashians can breathe and wait for May 31 to come faster!

As usual, I can't afford any of the editions so I will wait for the links to come... Okane and me are not friends, and I'm still studying, so yeah (╥﹏╥). Going to buy an extra HDD instead. My first HDD is almost full... 35.5 GB is left as of this moment (╥﹏╥).

Yosh! That's all! I really need to push myself to finish watching Tengoku de Kimi ni Aetara and V no Arashi. By the way, try to watch Himouto! Umaru-chan!. It's a cute anime series! Me and my onii-chan are sure pretty hooked to it!

Jaa! Enjoy!

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10 April 2017 @ 01:25 am
Konnichiwa minna!

Been busy on my reading world these past few days. Yup. I've finished reading my new books (I'm broke as fudge x'DD) last Friday:

Agatha Christie's books: And Then There Were None (I simple can't get over this one. Goosebumps all over!)
and Murder on the Orient Express (Finally found this book! I just love it!!!)
Carolyn Keene's Nancy Drew Mystery Stories Volume 1: The Secret of the Old Clock (Last will is just my forte~)
And Volume 11: The Clue in the Broken Locket (Romance and mystery. My cup of tea~)
James Patterson's Along Came A Spider (Serial killings + Crimes + Racism + Mystery + Forbidden love = Can I have more of this?)
Edgar Allan Poe's short stories: The Tell-tale Heart, The Fall of the House of Usher and The Cask of Amontillado (Note to self: Never read a horror story before going to bed. Ever again.)

And right now, I'm bummed and still broke. Just kidding. Going to finish rewatching Bartender ^o^. So yeah. Five days had gone and during those days, I'm not that active in my fandoms. But I'm updated, so I'm fine xDD.

vlcsnap-2017-03-12-13h36m05s629.png The second trailer for Ryosuke Yamada's movie, Fullmetal Alchemist is now available to see.

Run devil run run~

vlcsnap-2017-03-12-13h36m05s629.png Jun Matsumoto's new movie, Narratage, will hit cinemas on October 07, 2017.
vlcsnap-2017-03-12-13h36m05s629.png I'll be there PV previews were released last Wednesday. And they looked fantastic! AND THIS ONE! I JUST CAN'T EVEN!


Yup. Did I missed something? Inform me with more Arashi and JUMP news! And some AKB48 and Sexy Zone! Bwahahaha!

Anyhoo, during my five-day absence, I was informed that most LJ comms and users are moving to Dreamwidth. I've already made my account there last year. (September 05, 2016 to be exact xDD ♥‿♥) So yeah. I'm just cross-posting my entries from here to there. I'm not moving there completely. I'm just backing up in case something weird happens here at LJ ¯\(º_o)/¯. Well, I've been posting about nothing but ramblings and shit in here, so no need to fret if I suddenly disappear xDD. I just wanted to keep updated to my friends ^_^.

And omedetou to Ken Watabe and Nozomi Sasaki for your marriage! Have a happy married life!

Jaa! Enjoy!
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31 March 2017 @ 08:57 am
Konnichiwa minna!

My morning was greeted by Arashi! Yay! They just announced the tracklist for their latest single, I'll be there! And they also released the covers for both editions!

The RE and LE respectively ^=^


And the tracklist:

I'm excited!!!!

So yeah. Those are the contents of the upcoming 51st single ^_^. I'm pretty excited to hear all of the songs! Especially Treasure of life! April 19! Please come faster! Just kidding! I need to enjoy every bit of this summer, so be slower xDD

By the way, no VS Arashi and AniShi for two weeks T_T. WHAT AM I SUPPOSE TO DO WITH MY LIFE NOW?!

Going to watch Moonlight Drawn by Clouds for a while =^.^=!

Jaa! Enjoy!
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08 September 2016 @ 08:39 am
Konnichiwa minna!

So happy to finally post something decent here xDD. I'm posting because I finally finished (almost, to be honest xDD) my PowerPoint Presentation in Facilitating of Learning.

Anyhoo, enough ranting! Time for the juicy stories! Okay!

Let's get straight to the news about my our Arashi and bits on Yamada babes:

So, everyone seems to know already that Arashi will be releasing their 15th album on October 26. Name of the album is [Are You Happy?]. AND I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS! OCTOBER! WHY ARE SO YOU FAR AWAY?!

And they are releasing their 50th single, Power of the Paradise, on September 14! One day before their anniversary! SWEET!

Sho Sakurai will have a new New Year SP dorama on Spring 2017 entitled: Kimi ni Sasageru Enburemu. He will play a disabled person here. And I think he is married in this one. We've seen Nino, Jun and Ohno riding a wheelchair on their doramas already.. Now it's Sho.. I'm asking where's Aiba?!

New movie for Jun Matsumoto: Narratage.

New movie for Satoshi Ohno: Shinobi no Kuni.

New movie for Kazunari Ninomiya: Last Recipe ~Kirin no Shita no Kioku~

And the release of Ansatsu Kyoushitsu - Sotsugyou hen - DVD on October 12.

And Ryosuke Yamada will be starring on his very first romance dorama. Title is Cain and Abel. And the previous title was Aniki no Kanojo. (Hahaha! I remember how fans reacted when it was said that he will be acting out on East of Eden instead xDD)

And lastly, the DVD release of Satoshi Ohno's Sekai Ichi Muzukashii Koi dorama.

Okay! So my fangirling life is pretty jampacked too! But I ain't complaining! THIS. IS. HEAVEN!

Jaa! Enjoy!
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28 August 2016 @ 01:41 am
Konnichiwa minna!

Okay. Done reporting for one subject! Five more to go! This is hell but we need to fight! After all, life goes on.. LOL! Aja aja! Fighting! ༼ つ ◕◡◕ ༽つ  ⊂(´・◡・⊂ )∘˚˳°

Lady Liberty wants me to fight!

Anyhoo, finished redownloading Arashi's Japonism 2015 Tour DVD... Why did I redownloaded it? Well, my first files were a little off-the-sounds and the video was cut shortly due to our country's crappy internet connection.. When will we taste the fast connection?! And did some modifications on my livejournal layout to give it a Japonism feeling ^_^. Photos are not mine. I just found the booklet scans somewhere. LOL! I was thinking whether to use HSJ's Dear album cover or SNSD instead but I said no because it's still Arashi that occupies my heart, soul, mind, world and body. And my wallet. And everything. Heck! I even used their images on my projects! I JUST LOVE THEM SO MUCH!

Okay.. Anyhoo, can't wait for their next single that is to be released on September 14. Two tracks, the title track Power of the Paradise and the B-side track Hana, and the PV and making of it. SO EXCITED! KYAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

Although I'm expecting a colorful one due to the name 'Paradise', the covers looked cool! Perfect for Arashi's kakkoii image!

Okay! I got to admit.. I haven't watched Japonism yet.. What a bad fan I am.. (╥﹏╥) But I didn't meant it.. It's just that.. I'm still busy at school.. No time to give my full attention to Arashi and to my other fandoms... But I did my best to watch some scenes.. And I gotta say.. I LOVE THEIR SOLOS! In orders will be:


  2. Akatsuki by Ohno (Magic and Kabuki with a hint of sexiness...)

  3. Rolling Days by Sho (Classy and majestic.. That drumsolo is so kakkoii!)

  4. Mr. FUNK by Aiba (This. Is. Deadly. KYAAAAAAAAAAAA!)

  5. Don't You Love Me by MatsuJun (Sexy, hot, mysterious, action-fiilled performance.. RAWR!)

That might change once I see the whole deal. I only watched clips, not the whole solos. I'm betting a hundred bucks (to myself, of course!) that this concert will be my new favorite! (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

Jaa! Need to finish my assignments now, minna! Until next time!

Enjoy !

Cause Matsumiya owns pretty much everything I have.

Cause this idol/fanboy pair is awesome as heck. Sakumoto for life!

Only few more days, honey.. Mwaaah!
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18 August 2016 @ 11:31 pm
Konnichiwa minna!

Yup. I was able to relax this day. Since our classes were cut short due to our professor, I was able to relax and breathe. LOL. I even studied my report on using a document camera then there's no reporting?! What the fudge?! Anyhoo, atleast I'm prepared for next week ⊂(´・◡・⊂ )∘˚˳°

And been addicted to YoonA's Red Bean. I think this is a cover of Faye Wong's song of the same title. To be honest, both versions are beautiful ♡^▽^♡. Try listening to them ^_^. Another heart-wrenching ballad. Somehow.. It reminds me of Arashi's Dear Snow lyrics ♥‿♥. Nothing's permanent. But it's on a positive vibe (´∀`)♡

Anyhoo, enough ranting about my useless life. It's time for a post! A proper one that is xDD.

Okay. Even though I'm busy at my schooling life, I'm pretty much updated on my fangirling business ╰( ^ ㅂ ^)╯. And my Twitter. Yup. I'm a Twitter addict! ╰( ^ ㅂ ^)╯. Don't judge me! Anyhoo, back to business. Pretty excited on Arashi's upcoming Japonism 2015 DVD next week! ♡^▽^♡. Already saved a big space on my HD for that baby! And been downloading some Hey!SayJUMP! PVs while I'm doing my homeworks and reviewing. Yup. Queen of Multitasking here. And still waiting for the 50th single of Arashi.. September is a long way (╥﹏╥).

And this update for Yamada's new movie/dorama...




(pictures credited to [ profile] crystilia_ixora ^o^)

I don't read and I don't study Kanji that much so I'm not translating this one. I'll study Nihonggo once I've graduted from college and finally can pay my own funds.

Anyhoo, according to some fans, the title is 'Aniki Kanojo', filming will begin this September and by the translations of the mighty Google translate.. Yamada will be acting as a salesman on a toy company or something. And reading some tweets from Twitter, there will be a BL theme O_O?! I can't confirm any of this but this is weird O_O

But that will be fun and hot.. LOL!

All I can advice is wait for the official announcement from JE and Ryosuke Yamada himself ^_^. I'm pretty excited for his FMA movie and Assassination Classroom: Sotsugyō-hen will be released on October 12.. It will be sooper delicious awesome again .. Nino and Yamada.. And Masaki Suda ^o^

Okay! That's all for today ^_^. Still busy doing my reflections on Principles of Teaching. Gambarimasu!

Jaa! Enjoy!

Blow that thing, baby Junpon ~_^

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