30 August 2017 @ 11:30 pm
(✿ ♥‿♥) お誕生日おめでとう、松本潤!!!愛してる!!!(。♥‿♥。)




If you consider my time of posting this... Yup. August 30 is almost over... ごめなさい、Jun-sensei... It's our thesis day and yup, so many crummy things had happened today... Nevertheless! I tried my veeeery best to bombard my Twitter with posts of you... Hope that you'll notice me now, senpai~

credits to the owner~

Jaa! Going to celebrate the last day of Purple Month by eating Grape/Strawberry Nerds!!!

Once again, OTANJOUBI OMEDETOU, MATSUJUN!!!! 三十四才の誕生日おめでとう!!!
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10 August 2017 @ 11:39 pm


お誕生日おめでとう, 中島裕翔!!

Before this day official ends in my country... I just wanted to greet my beloved Yuto 'Yutti' Nakajima a big OTANJOUBI OMEDETOU!!! Oh my sweet days! Time sure flies fast... Wishing you the best to come and hope that you get more projects for your career, darlin'! I love you so much, my beloved son!

Hontou ni gomen ne if I posted very late... I've been very busy lately at school... With lesson plans and thesis on my way, sleep is all I can think for a rest... But daijoubu! I'm still updated on HSJUMP, Arashi and other fandom stuffs ^_^.. But how I was able to watch Boku wa Ashita, Kinou no Kimi to Date Suru last nyte is still a mystery...

By the way, sooper excited to see Shinobi no Kuni in our local cinemas this month! Ohno! Chinen! Satomi! Tsunaguuuu!!

Jaa! Enjoy! And a sooper happy belated 10th anniversary to SNSD! I love you girls!

You love chemistry. I love you. Let's get married~
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05 July 2017 @ 04:54 pm
(Crazy rant: Can't believe that Ohno and Chinen's Shinobi no Kuni will be shown here in the Philippines!!!)

One of my most awaited dates has come. Yup. I'm aware that today is the release of Hey! Say! JUMP's Precious Girl/Are You There? single and SEKAI NO OWARI's RAIN single.

But there's something else..



June 12, 2017... The day when you lit that fire in my heart.

To the creator of the Owl City project, happy birthday! You are such an amazing guy! From being a multi-instrumentalist to a cute introvert... Everything about you is just too awesome! I'm thanking the heavens for blessing the earth with such a wonderful person like you. Best wishes to your life, health and faith, Adam Young! I love you!

P.S. Don't get me wrong... I already know Owl City a long, long time ago.. During the peak of Fireflies. (And my gantz. That song is just too precious for me...。(✿‿✿)。) It's just that... I don't pay that much attention to bands and singers... I only care for anime, cartoons and games x'DD


So yeah... I didn't went to school today. Frankly, I don't want my classmates and friends to greet me in school. For me, it's not a comfortable feeling.. . As much as I can.. I only want to celebrate my birthday at home. With my family. But I don't mind getting remembered on such occasion (^L^), Bwahahaha!

In order to enjoy my 'Me Time' at home... I watched Arashi's ARE YOU HAPPY? 2016-2017 TOUR DVD! Finally! AND I REALLY LOVE IT! WHAT AN AWESOME CONCERT!

Jaa! Enjoy!

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25 June 2017 @ 05:06 pm
 Konnichiwa minna!

Been using my long weekend break wisely. Well, I'll be back in hell again starting this Tuesday. Thesis and practice teaching. Goodluck on how I will divide my time in studies and fangirling x'DD

Anyhoo... I just wanted to shout this thing out.


Happy birthday, Taisuke Fujigaya! First time I saw you in Ikemen Desu ne, I've fallen for your kind and sweet gestures! Hope you enjoy your 30th year on earth!

Jaa! Enjoy! I still need to search for more Owl City songs! Adam Young is just my newest bae and I sooper love him and his crafts (。♥‿♥。)!
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21 June 2017 @ 11:15 pm
I want summer back... T_T

Anyhoo, time to greet the most fabulous member of Hey! Say! JUMP!

Ready... set.. goooo!

Such gorgeous lips... Such sexy hairstyle...\*o*/


Happy birthday, sweet Kei Inoo! Wishing you a very happy day and hope that someday... You'll be able to get even with Sho Sakurai xDD. Otanjoubi omedetou, Mr. Fabulous!


Okay... What a tiring day... And week... I'm bummed!

First week of classes and everything's packed up already. Thesis and demo teaching are really my nightmares! How did I get myself into these messes?!

Jaa! Enjoy!
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Looking at the calendar and I thought: Wow. Time sure flies fast! It was just summer yesterday, and now it's the start of a new semester for me. Well, it's the start of summer/winter for others! Depends on wherever part of the earth are you in.

Let see...

Ah! It's time for a shower of coins, stars and paper bills! (Just kidding! Not coins! That will hurt! A lot!)

That's it. Jaa! Going to play games now! )
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19 May 2017 @ 10:33 pm
Looking at the calendar. Jumped like an idiot. Yup!

His voice, his acting skills, his wonderful aura.... (~_^)

お誕生日おめでとう, 神木 隆之介!!!

To the guy who played Takeru Amaya of the movie As The Gods' Will, Shin'ichi Numata along side with Sho Sakurai of Kazuko Game, Seta Sojiro of Rurouni Kenshin live-action films and much more... Happy birthday!

To the guy who provided the voices of some of the most memorable characters in the animated world... Such as the giant baby, Boh of the movie Spirited Away, Sho of Arrietty and the school boy protagonist, Taki Tachibana of the critically-acclaimed movie, Kimi no Na wa... Happy birthday!

Otanjoubi omedetou, Ryunosuke Kamiki! Hope you enjoy your day! Keep shining, you charming guy! Enjoy your 24th year on Earth!


Ah! What a day! Laughing my ass off over some Tensai! Shimura Doubutsen and Arashi no Shukudai-kun episodes and fell in love with Spirited Away!

Also, greeting my beloved Pillow-sensei a happy birthday! 。◕‿‿◕。

Jaa! Enjoy!

Pictures aren't mine!
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Konnichiwa minna!

Looking at the calendar sure makes my head spin. Can't believe that my summer vacation is few weeks to go before it says bai-bai to me once again. *sigh* 

Well, I still need to finish GANTZ. Only 68 chapters to go! Yay for bewbs and Kei and Kato!

Anyhoo, it's that time of the year again! Lit up some strawberry-scented, red candles and get ready your vanilla soft serve, cuz' this day is just too extraordinary!

Commander + Gun = A fiery heaven!

お誕生日おめでとう, 山田涼介!!!

Dearest Ryosuke Yamada,
              First of all, happy birthday to the seventh member of Hey! Say! JUMP! And congrats on your upcoming 10th year with your beloved JUMP friends ^_^! Hope for more years to come for you and your group's career!
              Second, I just wanted to say how thankful I am for being one of my respected idols. You're one of the people who've given me strength to continue my dreams of becoming a teacher. Your smiles are like my drug. It's very contagious that from the moment I saw you forming your lips in an upward curve, I can't help but feel various happy emotions in my kokoro! Your laughter is also a drug for my insanity (LOL!). When real life is being a bitch, just hearing your laughter (or just seeing your happy expression), my reason to live is back on the track. Next, your English speaking moments. Sometimes, when I watch your videos with you speaking English, I can't help but think on how much I wanted to teach you some words in English. Hahahaha! Keito-san, he is on your hands! Other thing is your adorable pair of sparkling eyes. Before I fall in love or have a crush of someone, my mind sets for the eyes first. And yup, your stare is just like a poison, inviting me to see your charms. (Cheesy and creepy, ne? xDD) And finally, your singing voice. It is just indescribable! I just love how soothing it is to my ears and kokoro! When I'm down, along with some Arashi songs, I play your Mystery Virgin album. Let's just say that your singing voice just makes my head spin.
              Third, I wanted to say gomenasai for hating you at first sight... Yup. It was never been my intention to dislike you at first, just because you are the current Hajime Kindaichi. Demn it. I am so petty T_T. I never thought that I will end up as one of your fans and waifu-in-waiting ✌(◕‿-)✌. So forgive my insolent outlook on you, okay? 愛してる!
              Lastly, I'm always wishing for you to have a healthy body and stay handsome. LOL! I mean, stay being humble yet kind of a boastful person as before. Continue being as you are right now. And one more, please continue your perverted personality, you frog-hating strawberry guy! I love you!


Here's a picspam for you, you little pervert!

He will be the knight of our innocent dreams.

Why dream innocently if you can have his piercing stare of your dirty thoughts?

Demn it. Don't we just wish to be the locker?

He is the Commander of my heart <3 (Along with Johnny Depp, Arashi, MatsuJun, Nino and Hikaru xDD)

See? I told you. Those eyes are just somethin'! (He looks like an innocent puppy here~)

Enjoy your day, Yama-jiichan~

Okay! That's my first post for today! Going to post my 3rd Anniversary as an Arashian/Arashist/Arashic later once I got home from my enrollment at school! Of all days! Why does my enrollment had to happen today?! At least, I can see my friends once again! And my crush(es)!

Jaa! Enjoy! Happy birthday again, Ryosuke Yamada! And also, happy birthday to my auntie! Waaaa! So many events today, ne?
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15 April 2017 @ 01:21 am
To my beloved penguin in Hey! Say! JUMP... 

I love you, my beloved orange muffin~

お誕生日おめでとう, 有岡 大貴!!!

May you enjoy your day as a 26th aged dude! Please, continue to do what you are pursuing in life and never give up ^_^. And continue stealing Yamada's foods xDD.  愛してる!

Jaa! Enjoy! Going to finish Tokio right now ^_^. Currently at Episode 16! But I'm not feeling fine at the moment... Eating too much matcha-flavored cookies sure is a bad thing x'DD
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01 April 2017 @ 12:49 am
Konnichiwa minna!

Wow. Look at the calendar. It's already April. Time sure flies fast! Need to make this summer meaningful! Anyhoo, time to greet my two crushes in the Japanese entertainment industry!


お誕生日おめでとう,  竹内結子!!

I could admire this picture all day long~

Happy 37th birthday, Yuko Takeuchi-san! Hope that you stay sweet and beautiful as always ^_^. From the moment I saw your face in the dorama, Natsu no Koi wa Nijiro ni Kagayaku (I'm proud to say that I know the title by heart xDD) along with MatsuJun-sama, ah! Your charms just struck me! Please, notice me! Or your die-hard fan, whom we will hide in the name of Nino xDD.

Second, (I first fell in love with Takeuchi-san eh xDD ^_^)

お誕生日おめでとう, 岡本圭人!!

I like you. And I want you. Please marry me!

Happy 24th birhday, Keito Okamoto my darling! Hope your day is filled with sparkles and good cheers ^_^. If I see you someday, I'll totally shout to your face how much I love you! Please marry Ryosuke Yamada!

Jaa! Enjoy my lovelies!
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30 March 2017 @ 03:05 pm
To the youngest member of Sexy Zone...

Wow. Such a cutie!

Otanjoubi omedetou, Marius Yo! Hope you achieve your dreams and goals on your 17th year on Earth ^_^. I love you! And I hope to meet you someday!

Jaa! Enjoy! I need to finish watching Orient Kyuuko Satsujin Jiken xDD. I started watching it last May 30, 2015. Almost two years had gone but I still haven't finished the two episodes x'DD. Going to do it now :D
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26 March 2017 @ 12:34 am

Otanjoubi omedetou, Yuya Takaki! Keep shining and stay handsome as ever, my beloved son from Kota Yabu ^_^! Hope you enjoy your day!

Gosh. I'm sleepy right now... Still downloading the PDF version of The Sleeping Beauty Trilogy. A novel series that explores the world of BDSM, eroticism, heterosexuality, bisexuality, homosexuality and the likes... So yeah... Kids are not allowed to read it!

Also, happy 45th 68th birthday to my beloved Steven Tyler ^_^

Jaa! Enjoy!
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Credits goes to him.

Otanjoubi omedetou, my beloved Yuta Tamamori! I just love how I fell for you for the first time! I was watching Honto ni Atta Kowai Hanashi that was airing on TV, Teppei-san & Satomi-san and Masaki Suda and Yuko Takeuchi-san's segments were over, and I was about to go to bed when I saw your turn to shine. It was totally love at first sight! That innocent face and manly posture... I just love them all! Aishiteru!

Jaa! Enjoy my lovelies!

Right now, my mind is playing a past dream of mine from a long, long time ago.. Sakumiya's Yamada Taro Monogatari was airing on our TV and as I watch it, I was hugging our TV. Demn. How I wish it was true.. That our local TV will air some JDramas with my fave actors and actresses... *sighs*
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13 March 2017 @ 02:02 am

To my beloved Kento Nakajima,

Otanjoubi omedetou! You are now on the 23rd stage of your life! But you still look like a teenager ^_^. Anyhoo, hope you enjoy your new year and wishing you good health. I love you, my dearest felony! Tell me something: Are you really a quarter Filipino?! If yes, then, I'LL BE THE HAPPIEST GIRL ALIVE! If not, well, it's okay ^_^. I will forever love you! My affections for you will stay the same ^_^.

Enjoy your day, Nakaken!

My ovaries just exploded. *drools endlessly*

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31 January 2017 @ 09:35 pm
To my dearest sanban...

おたんじょうびおめでとう, 薮宏太!

That smirk. Demn it.

Happy Birthday, my huggable Yabu-mama! Wishing you more blessings to come and please continue to look after your Hey! Say! JUMP! babies ^_^. AISHITERU!!!

Jaa! Enjoy!
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Moment's Melody: Hey! Say! JUMP - Baby I Love You
It's that time of the year again, ne? HAPPY CHESUTO DAY, MINNA-SAN!

Woooo! Let the party begin! (I made this last December xDD)

Otanjoubi omedetou, Keioboy! Hope you are having a great time as a 35 year old chipmunk/rabbit ^_^! Wishing you all the best in the world, Glutton Guy! Keep on your rapping, newscasting, MCing and increasing your knowledge. And also in acting and just being yourself ^_^. Hope your tummy is filled everyday \^o^/

Queen Sho is just too awesome! )
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Moment's Melody: Sho Sakurai - T.A.B.O.O.
05 January 2017 @ 01:16 am

I really love you! Mwaaaah!

To my first Japanese crush.. Who is basically my first love from the endless list of Japanese actors... Otanjoubi omedetou, Teppei Koike! Hope for more birthdays to come and hope to hear your voice in personal someday ^_^. And hope to see more of your acting projects! Aishiteru!

Jaa! Enjoy your day, my love ^_^

Handsome as ever, my dearest Chipmunk!
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24 December 2016 @ 03:07 am
Konnichiwa minna!

Winter has just begun this week, so yeah, it's demn pretty cold! Brrr! I need a warm blanket and a mug of hot Keito Okamoto cocoa... Ahem.. Back to the regular programming. By the way, I don't experience winter here in the Philippines! BWAHAHAHA

*plays music player, selects random Christmas ballads*

Anyhoo! It's that time of the year again! That's right, folks! It's Halloween again! Get your Easter baskets and go spread love outside with Thanksgiving cards!

*looks at my personal calendar, sees the real occassion, smacks head*

Just kidding! It's MASAKI AIBA DAY! (And Satomi Ishihara Day! Hoorah!)


Otanjoubi omedetou, Aibaby! Entering your 34th year on Earth.. How do you feel?! Excited?! Nervous?! Nervouscited?! Hohoho! Hope you maintain a good health and happy lifestyle at this age! And as always, keep smiling for everyone ^_^. Arigatou for always keeping the positive energy in Arashi and for being their Miracle Sunshine :D. Forever love them!

Come here, party people! Ikko! )

Let me just greet you once more.. Happy Birthday, Aibaka! Hope for more birthdays to come and hope you have a great year ahead! Aishiteru, my beloved son!

Birthday Boy is just so gorgeous!

And since I wasn't able to make a proper picspam for our beloved Blue Riida.. Here's my Tennen rabu rabu picspam!

Cause blue and green makes the perfect color combi for the Planet Earth! )

Tennen pair is just the sweetest pair evah!

Their love is just meant to be!

CM: Matsumiya pair at the back of the handsome Ohno has never been so gay! (My Yaoi fantasies!)

Ohno and Aiba just love shouting their love for each other to the whole wide world! (With jealous Sho at the back!)

And for the very last part.. Even though I hate her bitchy, clingy roles in the spotlight, I still adore this lady, especially in Shitsuren Chocolatier.. She's really  a great actress! Otanjoubi omedetou, Satomi Ishihara! May you enjoy your first day as a 40 30 year old lady! Stay beautiful as ever!

Here's a picspam with the Arashi!boys for you! [Courtesy of Arashi ni Shiyagare 2014.05.24]

This is a SatomixArashi picspam! )

Jaa! Happy Holidays, minna-san! Hope everyone's having their holiday cheer!
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Moment's Melody: Arashi - Japonesque
08 December 2016 @ 07:25 am
Konnichiwa minna!

Just wanted to greet my beloved British/English actor, Nicholas Hoult, a belated happy birthday! You're already 27 now, baby! Hahaha! I love you! You're the cutest, most hottest zombie I've ever seen! And the cuddliest Beast I've ever known!

Sorry for the very late post.. Yesterday was my parents' 20th wedding anniversary (Omedetou to them!), so I'm pretty occupied. And so does with my studies.. #FieldStudyPaMore

Jaa! Enjoy!

Why so handsome?!
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02 December 2016 @ 11:08 pm
Konnichiwa minna!

It's still December 2.. So, I just wanted to say this to my beloved mustard-colored, guitar-playing man..


To my Hey! Say! BEST ichiban.. Otanjoubi omedetou! Weeee! You're now 26! Time sure flies fast! Anyhoo, wishing you the best and please continue bringing the good and refreshing vibe in your group ^_^. And also, a happy belated 14th Anniversary in JE, my beloved Beauty (Queen) King! Aishiteru!


Today is tiring.. Observation and sudden recitation... MAMA 2016 was not that exciting for me.. No artists from YG and no Red Velvet! Dafuq? Anyhoo, my day was still filled with yellow and pink confetti. And of course, I'm referring to Hikaru's pink highlights, not on Chinen's image color xDD. So I'm still happy ^_^

Jaa! Enjoy!

How I look while hoping that I pass my semester with flying colors..

I'm ready to be with you, baby~
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