12 March 2017 @ 01:26 pm

They looked so fun and adorable and... Uhmm, Daiki-sama.. Dat fez xDD
This is very late. My shit! )
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Moment's Melody: Arashi - JAM
21 April 2016 @ 11:01 pm
Konnichiwa minna!

Been busy on sorting my Arashi files on my hard drive. Man! A true fangirl needs more than 1 TB hard drive! I need atleast 5.. 3 for fangirling, 1 for otaku life and 1 for important files back up. Yup. Time to save money!

I can't buy any of their official goods.. I'm broke.. So better save some money for hard drives instead! It comes in handy! I already had a purple one, for the other four... I need to buy at this order: Yellow, Blue, Green and Red.

Why don't I just buy some goods to save space?! Ie! The shipping fee kills me.. But I will buy some after I got away from college life. *dances like a turtle*

Anyhoo, while I'm waiting for my files to transfer on my hard drive, I'm currently busy knocking my head out on creating a lovely fanfiction... I'm inspired lately..

Checklist for fangirls: (Who can't buy goods):

  • At least one 16 GB and above SD Card/s

  • At least one 16 GB and above USB/s

  • At least one 1 TB (if 1.5 TB is available, grab it!) Hard drive

  • If computer/laptop/netbook is available, at least have 1 TB Memory

  • Cellphone (w/ Camera -optional-)

  • Earphones

  • Mouse for laptop/netbook users

  • And spare ovaries

Jaa! Enjoy!
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Moment's Melody: Arashi - Love Wonderland
30 November 2015 @ 09:42 pm
Konnichiwa minna!

Just renewed my background image and header! Hahaha! Totally a boring day for me!

Still waiting for the new OST of Nisekoi:! Crayon Cover! Done watching the trailers of Alice: Through the Looking Glass and Ice Age 5: Collision Course! Loving the latest trailer of Alice! The Red Queen is totally hilarious! Go to Mr. Youtube and watch it for yourself!

Well...Done reading MatsuJun's latest JWeb entry and really! What a sweet spoiler he is indeed!

There's going to be a recording of the Japonism Tour! Can't wait for its release!

But first! I must save some space on my hard drive for:

- Haha to Kuraseba
- Aka Medaka
- Bocchan

- Assassination Classroom: Graduation
- Lucky Seven
- Tokujo Kabachi!

- Minami-kun no Koibito
- Uta no Oniisan
- Yankee Bokou ni Kaeru

- Arashi Blast in Miyagi DVD
- possible single/s
- possible album

Yup! Most are Nino's! That guy is really into camera!

Nino: I'm good looking guy! *winks*
Me: Whatever.

Okay..Still waiting for a new drama for Junpon! And Ohno! Cross fingers! Even if it's only a movie! I'm fine with it! Oh Director-san! I'M BEGGING YOU! RELEASE A NEW ACTING PROJECT FOR THE JUNTOSHI PAIR!

Lol xDD.

Moment's Melody: Mika Nakashima - Orion
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