11 May 2016 @ 11:33 pm
Konnichiwa minna!

Been busy doing nothing the whole day! No, not really. Been totally busy downloading D no Arashi and some older Arashi CMs. So I listen to the radio while I wait. Yup. Listening to the radio is one of my hobbies. Along with stargazing and reading books. List those!

Anyhoo, just listened to the songs of HSJ's new single, Maji Sunshine! Arigatou, [ profile] bluestorm11 for the download links! And man, the songs are sure awesome! I love Eve the most ^______^. Hahaha! *cue Koro-sensei's laugh*.

And that's not my new addiction!


When Barney is not that gay purple dinosaur for you..

Yup. Watched the Pilot episode and got quite addicted to it xDD. For those who doesn't know this, it's that popular American sitcom, How I Met Your Mother. Plenty of jokes and yeah, you just got to love Barney (the guy in the suit).

Jaa! Enjoy!
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Where?: somewhere in Brooklyn
Moment's Melody: Hey! Say! JUMP - Maji SUNSHINE
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