Konnichiwa minna!

Still busy with my group's module.. And I'm still lacking sleep due to last Friday and yesterday's module making. This is challenging! But yeah. Need to finish my studies. Overnight again this upcoming Friday with my friends :DD

Anyhoo, just like I've promised.. I'm going to greet our beloved chipmunk a HAPPY 10TH ANNIVERSARY ON NEWS ZERO! Sho Sakurai.. Our rapping, acting, singing and NEWSCASTING idol. Yup. That's one thing I'm proud of you.

Keep bringing us the news and your wits, rabbit guy!

Jaa! Enjoy!
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03 October 2016 @ 10:27 pm
Konnichiwa minna!

Gomen ne.. This post was supposed to be posted yesterday but Livejournal is being a crap to me and got a lot of things to do. Currently working for an almost part-time job under my father's printing sideline. Cutting designs sounds pretty darn easy, but heck no!!! Plus, I'm pretty busy on doing my group's layout for our module. Two weeks to go and semestrial break is heeeere!

Just in time for Arashi's newest album and Hey!Say!JUMP!'s latest single! And Nino/Yamada's Ansatsu Kyoushitsu Sotsugyō-hen! MYRAH! Life is just too good!

And currently addicted to HunieCam Studio game.. Seriously, kids, don't play that game! It's for adults only!

Okay! Moving on!

Gomen ne for the blurry picture and just for the record, this is not from the debut episode of NEWS ZERO. (I'll try to find it on my sembreak ^_^)

So yeah.. NEWS ZERO started giving news and stuffs to the local TV since October 02, 2006. Even though I'm not into the latest happenings and events (except when it concerns my likes, especially news about Johnny Depp), arigatou gozaimasu for serving the local netizens of the Land of the Rising Sun, the Japan (of course, Captain Obvious!) on learning what is happening to its country and the world!

Now that you've reach your 10th Anniversary, please continue your incredible delivery of the latest events and news to all the people! Even international people watch this program \^o^/

If I can remember.. I spent my days watching Spongebob Squarepants and Mr. Bean: The Animated Series during the year 2006 and onwards. Yup. I'm a kid who prefers to watch cartoons and animes. Those were the days when I'm still was an innocent potato.

Anyhoo.. Pretty proud about NEWS ZERO's anniversary here!

So many things happened and will happen this week.. And Sho-kun's 10th Anniversary in NEWS ZERO will be on Sunday! October 09, 2016! Mark your calendars, minna! (And I'm going to post on that day as a tribute ^o^)

Jaa! Need to finish my projects now!


(P.S. This is something for Yamada Ryosuke.. Hope you get better soon.. Take care of your health, you idiot!)

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