Konnichiwa minna!

While still waiting for the scans of [Are You Happy?] albums, I'm just killing time by watching random videos in my laptop and from my HD. And listening to some new songs from my fandoms like Arashi (DUH!), Hey!Say!JUMP! (I'm addicted to their latest single's B-side songs xDD), BLACKPINK (Their new single really slayed me!).

Okay.. Enough rambling.. I'm getting boring.. It's time for fun! Grill your asses, ladies and gentlemen! It's time for a ride to... D NO ARASHI WORLD! Looking for Didney Worl? Screw you!!

Yup! Been stucked to Arashi bangumis while I spend my precious short sembreak. And let's take a look on what episode I'm into!

I'll let you do a math! 69 + 38 = ?

It's Episode 107.

We all love them, ne? )

That's it. Mwahahahaha!

Ohh! And wanted to greet our five dorks a happy anniversary on their CD debut ^_^! It was just like yesterday when they were singing their asses out on the stage like little rice/insects and wearing those shitty yet hot transparent suits. I'm insulting them because Sho said MatsuJun looked like one I can! MWAHAHAHA! OMEDETOU!

Jaa! Love you guys! Enjoy!
Moment's Melody: BLΛƆK PIИK - Playing With Fire
Where?: Yamada's muscles \^o~/
I'm Feelin': moody