31 December 2037 @ 02:38 am
Hello! Hallo! Mabuhay! Konnichiwa! G'day! Bonjour! Annyeong! Zdravstvuyte! Chaírete! Nihao~

Welcome to Wonderland aka Ryugenzawa! Where everything is possible and strange things are normal. Let's goooo!

Before anything else, the narrator/writer wants to clarify some main points so that your stay won't be an ugly one:
  1. This is a PERSONAL blog. That means, I post here whatever I wanted to write. Reviews, rants, stuffs like that.
  2. The content of this journal is 99% fangirling. Aside from Twitter and Tumblr, this is the only place I can shout out my love for certain idols and stuffs. The other 1% focuses on my ramblings and other interests. So, please bear with me.
  3. You won't see any downloadables in here. Like most folks, I only rely on others. So, gomene if I couldn't share my collection.
  4. Since I have no talent motivation in subbing, I try to share updates to the fandom by posting the latest happenings to our idols. It's the very least I could do aside from supporting them! (I write fanfics but I don't have the guts to show my craptastic pieces to hurt your eyes. So, good for you! xDD)
  5. Have fun in exploring my crazy mind!

After those reminders, let the narrator leave you some bits about itself...

Mei (Real name starts with 5.)
Hometown: Somewhere in Bermuda Triangle ten blocks away from Neptune.
Birthdate: Excatly the same with my beloved Adam Randal Young. Only difference is that, I'm hundred years older or younger than him~
Languages: Tagalog, American English and British English. Loves dropping Nihongo and Spanish at random times. Very fluent in speaking like a drowning sea horse.
Species: Alienus Potatoish
Description: Fun size. Filipina. Looks like one of the zombies from the movie, Warm Bodies.

Want moar?Warning: This is pretty long. )

So yeah... That's all I wanted to write. Pretty long, ne? xDD. I'm ever so sorry if I wasted your time in this sooper dooper long introduction... My main reason for doing this is that, you won't be surprised anymore if I act this of that way... And I really want to be open about my interests. In reality, I have a hard time opening to others... This is the only place where I could loosen myself abit...

But those infos are just 20% of my whole being... Still hiding my 100%... For a total of 120% xDD

Hope to be comfortable and be friends with you! Enjoy your stay!

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