01 April 2017 @ 12:49 am
Konnichiwa minna!

Wow. Look at the calendar. It's already April. Time sure flies fast! Need to make this summer meaningful! Anyhoo, time to greet my two crushes in the Japanese entertainment industry!


お誕生日おめでとう,  竹内結子!!

I could admire this picture all day long~

Happy 37th birthday, Yuko Takeuchi-san! Hope that you stay sweet and beautiful as always ^_^. From the moment I saw your face in the dorama, Natsu no Koi wa Nijiro ni Kagayaku (I'm proud to say that I know the title by heart xDD) along with MatsuJun-sama, ah! Your charms just struck me! Please, notice me! Or your die-hard fan, whom we will hide in the name of Nino xDD.

Second, (I first fell in love with Takeuchi-san eh xDD ^_^)

お誕生日おめでとう, 岡本圭人!!

I like you. And I want you. Please marry me!

Happy 24th birhday, Keito Okamoto my darling! Hope your day is filled with sparkles and good cheers ^_^. If I see you someday, I'll totally shout to your face how much I love you! Please marry Ryosuke Yamada!

Jaa! Enjoy my lovelies!
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